Daylight – The Difference in Good and Bad Dreams EP (2012)

Daylight have become something of an enigma over the past few years. The four-piece from Doylestown, Pennsylvania had only released two EPs prior to this in their three years as a band. Despite this, they have gained quite a following with their passionate and emotive brand of hardcore which harkens back to a bygone era. The Difference In Good And Bad Dreams is a worthy addition to their back catalogue and one which their fans will lap up.In terms of contemporary bands, Daylight perhaps fill the void somewhere between Balance & Composure and Basement. They have made some progress since their prior releases – this EP sounds tighter and is very well produced. This is especially noticable on the guitars which are delivered with punch and clarity. The vocals have been key to what has made Daylight stand out from the crowd and this is also true here, often sounding like echoes of Kurt Cobain.There are only four songs on this EP but they cover a lot of ground in this short amount of time. On the Way to Dad’s is a simple but solid track and will introduce new listeners to the depressive lyrics that have become a trademark of the band – “I’m sick of writing songs about killing myself” being the pick of the bunch. They might not appeal to everyone but they certainly give the band their own aura.The unusually titled Hungry At A Funeral is a slower song which begins with an ominous build up. It’s an especially downbeat track with more restrained vocals and guitar. Damp, on the other hand, features a much fuller guitar sound and some great interplay between the vocalists. The instrumental bridge here is particularly noteworthy. The EP finishes on In My Dreams which follows a slow fast slow pattern. It culminates in a catchy crescendo which gives way to a delicate outro and is a fitting way to finish.It’s hard to pick a favourite track from this EP because they’re all very good and also very different. If asked, I’d perhaps give the nod to Damp. Daylight head out on a brief tour of the US this month followed by a European tour with More Than Life in March. An album is due out later this year and hopefully this is a sound of things to come.
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By George ~ Me Gusta Reviews