Dance, Gavin, Dance – Downtown Battle Mountain II (2011)

dance2bgavin2bdance-9879380Quite frankly, Downtown Battle Mountain II is as its name implies – a continuation of Downtown Battle Mountain. The original band is back together and their newest outing is nothing short of fantastic. Everyone in the band has clearly matured and their song writing skills have improved quite a bit. Almost every song on this album kept me entertained whether it was by Jonny Craig’s amazing singing (yes, I like Jonny an extreme amount despite his obvious bad qualities), Jon Mess’ screaming, or even the guitar playing. Everything in this album seemed to go together almost perfectly.Although I sound like a huge fan boy so far, I will admit that there are some downfalls here. The middle section of the album drags by with the song “Elder Goose” being the only song that really stood out to me. The last few songs also sounded a little bit out of a place on a DGD album and should have instead been included on a Jonny Craig solo album as they felt like tracks stolen straight from “A Dream Is A Question You Don’t Know how to Answer”.The production on the album is great and every instrument is blended together well. Every member of this band has a lot of talent and that fact is shown on this album. Sure, the middle portion drags a bit, but that does not stop this album from shining. It’s a great (possibly last) release from Dance, Gavin, Dance and it is in my top ten favorite albums of all time. 4-6213938
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By Cody Hath ~ Me Gusta Reviews