Culture Killer – Denial EP (2014)


Culture Killer is a new powerviolence/grind band out of Daytona Beach, FL. The band features member of Silence, Playing for Keeps and a few other well-known local bands. This is easily the heaviest music that any of these guys have ever created, and it could very well be a huge part of the Florida hardcore scene soon.

Denial starts off with a track called “White Plague,” which opens with some blast beats then immediately explodes with vocalists Hunter Young and Adam Madsen trading off vocal parts. A little over halfway through the song, there’s a break of just drumming and bass, and it truly adds a very Code Orange Kids vibe to this track. This song is easily one of the heaviest things I’ve heard come out of Florida in a very long time.

Track two is titled “The Overbearing,” which starts off with a very slow – and extremely dark and heavy – guitar riff. About 40 seconds in, there’s a break of nothing but guitar and a slow drum build up until the vocals come in and add a very angry element to this track. This track leads out with an awesome guitar solo in the background.

Track number three, the title track of Denial, is by far my favourite. It’s the fastest, heaviest, darkest thing I’ve heard in a while. I have a feeling this track was heavily influenced by Nails, Full of Hell and bands of that sort. It starts off with some drums and some slight riffage; then, out of nowhere, a deep “OH” sets things off and it’s a non-stop ride of blast beats and heaviness from there. The breakdown in this song is also extremely impressive; it’s very slow and very heavy, and it’s a great way to close out the barely two-minute song.

The fourth and final track, titled “Nothing,” is the longest track, sitting at a hefty four minutes and 33 seconds. This track is a non-stop ride from beginning to end with a very slow break in the middle that transitions into an extremely heavy breakdown that made me want to get out of my chair and punch holes through all of my walls. The track ends with some cymbals being drawn out and a very slow guitar riff that fades into silence.

The Denial EP is a great start for Culture Killer; it’s an intense ride of drums, guitar, dual vocal parts and stupidly heavy breakdowns that would make anyone lose their mind. This band could easily be a huge part of this scene in a matter of no time. Don’t sleep on this band because, if you do, you will regret that decision immensely.