Continent – Miscreation (2012)

continent-3566609 Instead of the usual bands that you’re used to listening or hearing about, I’m throwing you guys a review of a band that has been local to me for a few years. Honestly, I have a feeling that they’re going to make it huge and be the next big band that all of us will be blasting between our other favourite top-notch bands.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Continent and their debut full-length album Miscreation. This five-piece deathcore/death metal outfitted band definitely has a lot to offer to heavier core fans, especially the ones that are always looking for something new to bring their ears. Continent brings the heavy in this release clocking in at exactly 34 minutes. From the first few seconds of “Devastation” to the last few of “Worthless” Continent refuses to let up with the blast beats, breakdowns and nut-crushingly heavy bass drops.

The full length is quite a change from their debut EP, Global Devastation, which had a much more hardcore influence over the band. They switched things up and if I might add, for the better. These five guys sure know how to harness their rage and incorporate it into each one of their songs. I’ve heard some angry deathcore before, but it’s normally pretty bland and generic. These guys wipe the floor with every band that’s failed to do what they have successfully accomplished in this must have album.

Since the debut EP, the band has undergone multiple changes ranging from guitar, to drums, all the way to the vocals. If I’m not mistaken, the vocalist for Miscreation was previously the guitarist on the EP.  Now you tell me how many bands have been able to comeback from so many changes, let alone do it in such a way that their next release is something we’ve all been waiting for for far too long. They take what most see as a loss and turn it into one hell of a gain for themselves and all of the deathcore/death metal community.

They’ve had their ups and downs and now it’s time to finally give Continent the props they deserve because they’ve worked their butts off on this release and it definitely shows. These currently unsigned heavy weights are looking to promote their new sound and new album so be sure to keep a lookout for them and to hit them up if you need some skulls crushed in your region! 4-5441557
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