Coldfront – Some Things Never Change EP (2014)


Coldfront is pop-punk/punk rock band from Oakville, Ont. The band – who released one of the most solid EPs of 2013 – is already back with a new, three-song EP entitled Some Things Never Change. I expected that following up the 2013 self-titled EP would be pretty difficult for this band because it was so catchy and memorable. Luckily for Coldfront, my expectations were exceeded with Some Things Never Change. The EP opens with “Borrowed Time,” throwing some insanely catchy guitar riffs your way. Shortly following the bouncy lead riff are the aggressive, passionate punk vocals. For me, there has always been a huge appeal with the vocals from this band. They are some of the most raw, aggressive and most controlled sounding vocals in pop punk. “Borrowed Time” displays those vocals very well, while the rest of the band weaves you in and out of catchy melodies and fast punk beat sections. “Scratch the Surface” starts off fast and angry. The song houses lyrics that a ton of kids will find relatable, and it comes across as a huge pop-punk anthem. In my opinion, it can go right up on the wall with songs like “Sasha” by Turnover and “Symmetry” by Title Fight.

The final song on Some Things Never Change is “After You,” which is one of the most passionate songs I’ve heard come out of this genre in quite some time. The song begins with just vocals and guitar, making for a bone-chilling intro. It’s hard to put into words just how mind blowing this song is as a whole, and it’s quite the roller coaster of a song, too; the beginning feels dark and angry, the middle gives off vibes of relief and the ending gets loud and fast. It’s a huge closing track – especially for a three-song EP.

Some Things Never Change is one of the most refreshing releases to come out of this genre in a while, as it contains all the elements that make for a timeless release. If you like your punk music to be catchy, fast, relatable and angry, this release is for you. Some Things Never Change has the potential to put Coldfront on the map; it’s just a matter of people listening to it realizing that this needs to be heard by everyone. Don’t be a fool; spread Some Things Never Change to your friends – and then let it become one of those timeless pop-punk EPs that you find yourself always going back to.