Coheed and Cambria – The Afterman: Descension (2013)

Only a few months after releasing The Afterman: Ascension, Coheed and Cambria have followed up with part deux of their double album with The Afterman: Descension. And just when you thought Coheed could be stopped after seven albums, boy, did you have it wrong.

This 11-track monster is a follow up in the science-fiction world of The Amory Wars and is nothing short of pure perfection. Each song on the album is a unique musical masterpiece filled with impressive guitar work, groovy rhythmic partnership, and lyrics that could make Chuck Norris cry enough tears to fill the Panama Canal. As a whole, all four members of the band have collectively created this tight knit sound that reminds listeners of what Coheed and Cambria truly stand for, the love of music.

The album’s intro, “Pretelethal“, brings the listener back to the story first presented in Ascension with a mix of big room filling guitars, drums, and bass, as well as frontman Claudio Sanchez on ukulele. Don’t let the instrumentals fool you, because this track definitely packs heartfelt lyrics from the get-go. The record continues with the story telling of certain characters like Key Entity Extraction V: Sentry, the Defiant and the rollercoaster of emotions and musicality begins from there. 

Some of the notable tracks on the album that stood out to me were those like Dark Side of Me and Iron Fist. The second track was premiered as a mere demo at the NAMM Convention in California about two years ago and was quite the intriguing track. Now, hearing it in it’s full glory with Zack (Super Duper) Cooper on string bass and Travis and Josh backing up, this song has blossomed into a beautiful ballad that instantly captured my heart

Everything about this album is perfect, from the story telling of Sirus Amory and his adventure to the Keywork, all the way to the smallest intricacies of subtle music nuances. This album is already a contender for my choice of album of the year. (AND IT’S ONLY FEBRUARY)

Be sure to check out Coheed and Cambria on tour now with Between the Buried and Me as well as Russian Circles. Links to their tour dates as well as Facebook pages will be below the rating.


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By Chano Islas ~ Me Gusta Reviews