Coastline – Taken Under EP (2013)

Coastline is a four-piece band from Kent, UK that formed in 2011. Their new release entitled Taken Under was released on March 4. They released an EP by the same name in 2012; however, the 2013 release of Taken Under features six songs – five of which are brand new – rather than three.

On Taken Under, Coastline blends some aspects of alternative rock, pop punk, and emo. The first two tracks, “Chapters” and “Dance Alone,” are good examples of how they blend the aforementioned styles; “Chapters” kicks off the EP with more of an alternative rock vibe, while “Dance Alone” has a very pop punk-ish feel to it and a chorus of that is sure to stick in your head.

Next up is the title track. “Taken Under” is solid, but nothing really stands out aside from its catchy chorus. The fourth track, “Embers,” is one of the slower and more emo-influenced tracks on Taken Under, but it’s an incredible song from start to finish. “Embers” features a very catchy “ooOOOoooOoo” heard throughout the song that single-handedly makes the track one of my personal favourites.

The next two tracks, “A Thousand Things” and “Riverside,” follow a similar path as tracks three and four. They are a bit slower paced compared to the first part of the EP, but they’re solid songs. With that being said, there’s not a whole lot going on in either track, which makes the EP seem to drag on as it nears its end.

When it’s all said and done, Coastline has put out some very quality music. The first half of Taken Under is impressive, but the last two tracks bring the overall EP down a bit. Coastline is a fairly new band, though, so taking that into consideration, this is a solid release that is sure to reel in some new fans.

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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews