Citizen/Turnover – Split (2012)

Greatness is blind to borders and distance. Turnover and Citizen have proved that with their new split set to be released May 22. Turnover and Citizen came out of Virginia Beach, VA and Southwest Michigan/Northwest Ohio, respectively, and have given us what we didn’t know we were waiting for. Both bands have generated hordes of fans in the past couple of months and this split is sure to bring in many more while pleasing the older fans.Citizen starts us off and does not disappoint. On “Drown” they give us a strong introduction with a more laid back but harsher style of vocals backed by breathtaking guitar leads that are strangely similar to Balance & Composure. Since I have never really listened to Citizen I was more than thrilled. The one thing that irritated me at first was the 15 second outro at the end. It seems like an eternity while waiting for the next song but the desired effect of suspense succeeded. The next song proves to be just as good as the first, keeping the same style without overdoing it. The last song should seem familiar to anyone who has given Citizen a listen before. This re-recorded acoustic of “I Still Shut My Eyes” is really a beautiful piece. The vocals are masterfully performed and their final song leaves me wanting more.Citizen tags Turnover in and they pick it up without skipping a beat. Being more familiar with Turnover, I was more prepared for what I was about to hear, or at least I thought I was. When the first song “Permanent” came in I had hairs standing up on the back of my neck. Everything about this song is perfect. The drum beats, guitar rhythms, and especially the songbird voice. Before I can even pick myself back up from being blown away, “No Sun” knocks me right back down. The lyrics and energy of this song are what really get my blood flowing. I can already tell that I will be blasting this song with the windows down this summer. The final song ends similar to Citizen, a re-recorded track made acoustic. All I can say is that other bands need to look at Turnover when making acoustic songs. Acoustics always have a spot in my heart but this one easily makes it’s way to the top.From start to finish, I would call this split perfect and that’s a hard thing to get me to say. Both bands pour their heart into their music and it shows. Citizen has earned themselves another fan with this release and Turnover has locked one into place. The Citizen/Turnover split is on repeat and will stay that way for the next week at the very least.
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By Austin Richburg ~ Me Gusta Reviews