Cavities – 64 Years EP (2012)

cavities-3277287 Fans of Counterparts and Shai Hulud, this one’s for you…

Cavities is a melodic hardcore/punk band from West Chester, Pennsylvania that is destined for great things if they continue doing what they have done on their debut EP entitled 64 Years. The EP was released for free on Bandcamp at the beginning of March and it has received its fair share of plays from yours truly.

The EP starts off a little slow with the first track, “Immovable”, but the pace is quickly picked up and maintained over the course of 64 Years (no pun intended). Cavities displays so much energy, potential, and skill on this EP that it’s almost unbelievable. Lyrically, vocally, and instrumentally, it is nothing short of spectacular.

The vocals are very powerful and judging from their Facebook page, all three members do vocals on the EP. I’m not entirely sure who does what, but all of the vocals sound great and the lyrics are meaningful.The guitarist is constantly doing something to keep your attention, whether it be upbeat riffing or playing some soaring leads. His highlight of the EP is on the fourth track, “Old Number 7”. Melody is exuded out of every pore in this song and it is just a very fun listen. It really baffles me how a band could write a song as good as “Old Number 7” and have under 500 likes on Facebook.I’m excited to hear what Cavities has in store for us in the future. Even if they don’t show a lot of progression on their next release, I’m confident that it will also get repeated plays from me and many others. fourandhalf-1751127
Links: Facebook – Bandcamp

By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews