Carridale – The Wandering EP (2012)

I don’t know what it is about pop punk bands releasing multiple EPs before releasing a full-length album, but now we have another band to add to that ever-growing list. Perhaps it’s an unwritten rule amongst pop punk bands that they must follow. A little more than a year after the release of their second EP, Relapse In the River City, Carridale is set to release their third EP on May 1st. The five piece pop punk band from Decatur, Alabama chose to name this release “The Wandering”. The Wandering is just three tracks short which features two upbeat pop punk songs to open and an acoustic song to close the EP. The first track is titled “Dragging the Coast”. There are some nifty riffs and a pretty catchy chorus, but apart from those two aspects, there is isn’t really much going on in this song. However, the next song is anything but average. Most fans of Carridale have probably already heard this song because it was released about a month prior to the release of “The Wandering”. The second track, Your Shoes Don’t Match Your Skeletons, is already one of my favourite pop punk songs. The guitar riffs are really good, the drumming is great, and the vocals and lyrics are the catchiest that they have ever been. After “Your Shoes Don’t Match Your Skeletons” is the title track, The Wandering. I’m a sucker for acoustic pop punk songs, but this one didn’t do anything special for me until the latter part of the song. The first few minutes were decent, but the last minute or two is definitely the strongest part of this song. The Wandering is a solid EP, but I was hoping and expecting to get a little bit more from Carridale. Hopefully their next release will be a full-length album and the content will be a little bit more exciting.
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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews