Broadway Calls – Comfort/Distraction (2013)

Let’s be honest, punk rock is a lot different now than it was in the 90s. Don’t get me wrong, though, there are some great current punk rock bands like The Menzingers, Banner Pilot, The Holy Mess, and Broadway Calls. To me, Broadway Calls has always been one of the most enjoyable punk rock bands to form after the 90s. When I heard No Sleep Records had picked them up and would be releasing their new album Comfort/Distraction, I became very anxious to see (hear, rather) how the band would follow up Good Views, Bad News.

The band’s third full length album opens with “Bring On The Storm”, immediately hitting you right in the face with those punk vocals that Broadway Calls seems to master. The thing I noticed just one song in was that the band is writing some of the catchiest choruses around in this genre. Next up is “Open Letter”, which appeared on the split the band released with Mixtapes near the end of last year (and my review of that can be read here). “Open Letter” is a great song that demonstrates the evolution of the band between Comfort/Distraction and Good Views, Bad News. The third track, which is titled “Minus One”, instantly presents a riff that will get stuck in your head for days. Three songs in and every chorus is stronger than the previous one. You will be humming these melodies in your head, that’s for sure. Track four is “Surrounded By Ghosts”, starting a slightly different pace with just vocals and a bass line, and already, the consistency of this album is unbelievably good.

Next up is “Zombie World”, one of my personal favorites off the album which brings a slightly different vibe to the table than what most people might be used to with Broadway Calls. It’s a nice change, that’s for sure. “Zombie World” goes out with a very remarkable bang. Following  “Zombie World” is “Lucky Lighter”. The style of this song immediately reminded me of the latest album from The Menzingers, On The Impossible Past. If you’re a punk rock fan, that album was most likely in your top ten in 2012, so a comparison is definitely not a bad thing. Track seven, “Wildly Swinging”, might be my choice for the best chorus on the album. The way the verses and choruses transition into each other so smoothly is something to be greatly appreciated.

Following “Wildly Swinging” is “I’ll Be There”, a slower song compared to the others on Comfort/Distraction. The harmonies in this song are extremely enjoyable, especially in the chorus. I feel like I’ve already talked about choruses too much in this review, but I cannot get over how strong every single one on this album is. “Life Is Rhythm” is up next, the shortest song on the album. Although it’s short at 1:47, it makes its mark; it is in no way, shape, or form just a filler song. Track ten, “Stealing Sailboats”, instantly grabs your attention with yet another catchy as hell guitar riff. I really enjoyed the guitar work on this track noticeably more than others.

If you’ve read any of my reviews, you’ll know that I’m a closing track fan. I believe it should be used either as a presentation of a band’s strongest song, or a teaser to leave you wanting more. In Broadway Call’s case, “Full Of Hope” is a strong point on Comfort/Distraction. I wouldn’t consider it the strongest song, simply because every song on this album is equally as good as the next. “Full Of Hope” does its job as the closing track, though.

Overall Comfort/Distraction from Broadway Calls is another move in the right direction from the band. Just imagine their old style, but updated and even more catchy. This album definitely has potential to be my favorite punk rock release of 2013, even for how early it is. I feel like this release is going to please the old fans a ton, and shock a lot of people, bringing new fans in. Every single song is a punk rock masterpiece, I’ve listened to the album a lot already and never find myself skipping a song. To me, this release couldn’t have been any more perfect. Comfort/Distraction is an excellent album from a great band. Broadway Calls has done it again.


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By Zack Lloyd ~ Me Gusta Reviews