Ash Borer – Cold of Ages (2012)

Ash Borer is one of the most prominent bands to emerge from the Pacific Northwest black metal scene. Taking to the scene at a steady pace, the band began releasing splits and demos while holding back on a full length album. They released their first full length album three years after their beginnings and received rave reviews in support of Ash Borer in 2011. This year, Ash Borer has again received rave reviews in support of their newest attack on the senses, Cold of Ages. Limited to four tracks and a simple album cover, this album contains much more beyond what the eye can see. One criteria that I look for in any album is emotion. Any listener will probably tell you that this is a criteria that is important to their listening experience as well. Ash Borer definitely drives home on the emotional front with fantastic vocal and instrumental performances put on by each member of the band.  The album is recorded in such a way that it feels like the band is live, in front of you, playing down each track as if each one were part of a live set. The production is bare bones, but the clarity is amazing and natural. Each track flows nicely into the next and each track continues to captivate and awe until the final secs of the album! The ambient build-ups to the instrumental sections are used tastefully and effectively; each one making the music hit that much harder! Personal favorite tracks included “Descended Lamentations” and “Convict All Flesh”. Each one of these tracks showcase a band that has taken all the painstaking effort possible to write, and perform, great works of art. This album was an incredible listening experience and it was an experience I chose to participate in multiple times a day. The atmosphere created and the emotion conveyed to the listener is awe inspiring and powerful. In a time when many bands wish to be a band they idolize, Ash Borer still sticks to their beliefs, their sound, their image, and their message. I look forward to future releases from Ash Borer. This band is definitely one not to let slip off your radar! Pick up a copy today! 4-9705247

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By Anonymous ~ Me Gusta Reviews