As Silence Breaks – The Architecture Of Truth (2012)

As Silence Breaks, formed in 2005, is a melodic metalcore band from Sydney, Australia. The third album from this five-piece is entitled The Architecture Of Truth and is set to release on July 13th. It is their third official release, and this time around, they have really found their sound. The self-titled album and The Inferno (EP), released in 2009 and 2011 respectively, were both solid releases that were pretty successful, but the progression shown on The Architecture Of Truth is amazing. This release has the potential of sky-rocketing As Silence Breaks into the ranks of the elite from Australia.The first thing that I noticed when listening to As Silence Breaks’ third effort is that they have a fairly unique style. It’s borders metalcore and melodic death metal, with some thrash influences thrown into the mix. The guitar riffs are predominantly melodic/thrashy, and are really accentuated on some tracks like “Purpose”, “Transcendance”, and “The Warning”. On the other hand, the melodies are much more metalcore-ish. The third track, “Freedom”, and the fourth track, “Biomechanical”, display the aforementioned metalcore melodies very well and also feature some clean vocals. The cleans were a bit of a surprise, but they were not bad at all.If you want to dive right into one of the heavier tracks on the album, I would suggest “Instrument Of Vengeance” or “Discord” which are also two of my personal favourites. “Instrument Of Vengeance” contains an extremely heavy breakdown with the lyrics “There will be blood. I am the instrument of vengeance”. “Discord” starts off with a bassy intro which flows into the opening riff very well. This track is probably the heaviest on the album, even though it has a clean vocal chorus. It is also one of the strongest tracks instrumentally.

While the final track, “Redeemer”, isn’t quite as heavy as “Instrument Of Vengeance” or “Discord”, it is still bound to make you feel the need to bang your head. Also, it is another contender for my favourite track on The Architecture Of Truth. The outro solo is a perfect way to end a nearly perfect album.

There are not too many negatives with this album at all. The only things that I noticed is that the riffing starts to become a little stale at times and the vocalist can be a little monotonous.As previously mentioned, there is so much progression displayed on The Architecture Of Truth that it almost makes it seem like a brand new band. The vocals have improved slightly and seem a bit more powerful, the clean vocals are not overly whiny and fit very well, the guitar leads are impressive, the drummer displays a lot of skill and good technique, and the overall sound of the band is much more tight and crisp.
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By Steven Pongrac ~ Me Gusta Reviews