AngelMaker – Decay EP (2012)

angelmaker-3354076 It’s not very often that we hear some sensational bands come from the land of maple syrup, universal healthcare, and beavers, but today is the exception to all the rules. In case you weren’t aware of what land I was describing, it’s Canada and the band I have for you ladies and gents is sure to give you a new found respect for the land that spawns a sensational band as often as Rings Of Saturn actually posting a studio update; which is rare.

Tonight’s review comes from the far west side of Canada, composed by the boys in AngelMaker. At first, I wasn’t really sold on the name, it sounded like some sort of 80’s thrash metal band but after hearing the debut single entitled “Hell” off the Decay EP, my opinion on the band changed completely. “Hell” started off slowly but then grew into an intensely fast and technical deathcore song with some of the most nitty and gritty high vocals I’ve heard in my entire life aside from All Shall Perish and The Black Dahlia Murder; which is basically what this band sounds like in a nutshell.

Sadly, the Decay EP only clocks in at just under twenty minutes which is truly depressing because I’d love to hear more from these boys. They’ve taken deathcore to new heights with their blend of crazy fast high vocals that can’t be matched by most bands and their blend of very original sounding riffs and rhythms that leave you wanting more from just the first spin of the magical EP.

From the first thirty seconds of the intro song you know this album is going to be great because at first you think it might just be an unoriginal instrumental intro song that doesn’t really blend in with the second song but in fact it has an insanely catchy and heavy breakdown that then progresses right into the next song; they work perfectly together. I was so impressed by this album, everything these six Vancouver natives had to offer was right down my alley and will definitely be down any heavy deathcore fans alley as well. I won’t be able to get over how Mike Greenwood goes from the most high, screeching vocals to the lowest and most heavy vocals I’ve heard come from a Canadian band before. The rest of the members help create a very melodic sort of atmosphere for the rest of the album which is evident in the final song, “Makes Of Nihility”, because it constantly transitions from heavy to melodic right back to heavy throughout the entire song. At times, the EP had a very In Dying Arms-esque feel to it, which is a good thing because the boys in IDA definitely know how to bring the heavy. Also, the addition of Darian Mazloomi from Argent Strand on “What I’ve Become” only made the EP even greater. Darian has some of the heaviest vocals I’ve ever heard. Overall, I was more than impressed with what these Canucks brought and gave to the very lacking Canadian deathcore community. Hopefully they manage to break out of the underground scene and surpass 1,500 “likes” on Facebook because I know for a fact that Mike and the other five would tear up any venue, city, or province in North America if they were given the chance. I have no doubt in my mind that if they continue on the path they’re on that they will be one of the most popular deathcore bands in the business within the next few years. 4-5350151

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By Unknown ~ Me Gusta Reviews