Alex Lee's Top 10 Releases of 2012

stick-to-your-guns-diamond-6750077 10. Stick to Your Guns – Diamond
This is such an inspiring album that had great lyrics and I felt it was a large improvement from The Hope Division. So many good breakdowns and catchy choruses and the cleans were very well done, too. silence-5807933 9. Silence – Dead Presidents Insanely groovy and heavy deathcore. I loved the guest vocals on different songs and loved how they broke the systematically generic aspect that the deathcore genre can hold. indyingarmsboundariescoverart-2275229 8. In Dying Arms – Boundaries Although it took me a while to get over those cleans, the breakdowns and screams in this album were just so well done and insanely heavy that there was no possible way this couldn’t be in my top ten. parkwaydriveatlas-7569110 7. Parkway Drive – Atlas While I didn’t think this album was the best album Parkway Drive has put out, I have to admit that it still managed to destroy just like everything else they’ve put out. Parkway will always be known as a band that puts out well done Australian metalcore. 6. Thy Art is Murder – Hate Along with Impending Doom, this album was so well-produced that it’s insane. The breakdowns are by far some of the heaviest and cleanest I’ve heard this year. This album didn’t disappoint me in the slightest. 562560_10151044791121632_1138456526_n-9439036 5. AngelMaker – Decay EP This EP had some incredibly angry lyrics but the way they were written in rhymes made it so much cooler. The guest vocals and overall gnitty and gritty breakdowns of this album made it a “for sure” in my top ten of the year. tumblr_metkf2b0k91r9oqsbo2_1280-8391360 4. Landscapes – Life Gone Wrong Landscapes is definitely some incredibly relaxing and beautifully inspiring melodic hardcore to come from the UK. I loved the screams, the melodic riffs, and the lyrics in this album. the-ghost-inside_get-what-you-give-out_album-cover-7670896 3. The Ghost Inside – Get What You Give One of my favorite bands and as usual, their melodic songs and inspiring lyrics I found absolutely flawless and can’t not like even if I tried. 1693537975-1-5565759 2. With Hell at Our Backs – Motivation The sheer emotion in this album was so incredible that some songs almost made me tear up. The entire album revolved around a base atmosphere and they stuck with it the whole time. I have so much respect for whoever wrote the lyrics to every song, they’re beautiful. 1331559902_f63d775aae1934fd746ad15192906cec-1264165 1. Impending Doom – Baptized in Filth This album is easily one of the most well-produced, well-written and well-composed deathcore albums I have ever heard in my entire life. Everything about it from the lyrics to the breakdown to the style and structure of each song, it’s pure perfection. Impending Doom wasn’t one of my top bands, but this album has definitely made me reconsider that.

Honorable Mentions

Headwound the Pony – Merchant of Misery
So This is Suffering – A Deathscene on Delay
Adaliah – Broken Families
As I Lay Dying – Awakened
Pathology – The Time of Great Purification

By Unknown ~ Me Gusta Reviews