Aegaeon – Being EP (2012)

Many apologies for the lack of reviews on my part lately, but I’ve been a little busy with shows and what not. Aside from that, I’m back and ready to bust out reviews in full force and lucky for you guys, I’ve got one heck of a special treat for you all. This treat isn’t salty nor is it sweet, it’s straight up nutty. In case you haven’t caught on yet, by “nutty” I meant straight up extremely heavy deathcore that may cause the busting of one or two nuts. Tonight’s review is of Evansville, Indiana locals Aegaeon’s newest EP entitled Being. A band that’s been around for a few years now, Aegaeon have created a name for themselves in a short time as being one of the heaviest deathcore bands of the past five years hands down. With one previous EP and a full-length under their belt, already these four boys knew they had to create something to keep our attention in an ever-growing genre that lacks a real extreme, fast-paced sound.

Clocking in at just under twenty two minutes, Being is non-stop brutality coming especially from the drums which have been provided by various different people over the years as well as the vocals which are provided and have been provided by Jim Martin the entire time. Jim’s vocals are a mixture of James Mislow from King Conquer and Nathan from Signal The Firing Squad except it sounds like Jim has throat cancer and has smoked 5 packs of cigarettes since he was thirteen years old. I know that may sound like a bad thing, but Aegaeon’s vocals are some of the heaviest, most rough lows I’ve heard in my time.

I’ve been a fan of Aegaeon since they released their first EP, Exponential Transcendence, in July of 2009 and they’ve done nothing but improve throughout the years. Sadly though, Being was a little bit of a disappointment for me just in terms of replay value. It’s beyond heavy and doesn’t lack at all in that aspect. It’s just not as memorable as I would like it to be. Some of the songs seem to just drag on and a couple times while I was listening to it I had to open my iTunes to see if I was still on the same song or if I had entered into a new one. That’s pretty much the only real noticeable flaw about the entire EP.

On a more positive note, the intro as well as small interludes throughout the songs ranging from the beginning, middle and end are calming almost atmospheric in a way and it’s really calming in a way. It’s sort of ironic though, using the world “calm” and associating it with Aegaeon, it’s unheard of!

I would definitely recommend you check this EP out for yourself and you be the judge of how Aegaeon has come since the full-length. Be sure to check out their Bigcartel for merch, order Being online, and be sure to check them out on this years Slaughter Survivor’s Tour along with Pathology, Enfold Darkness, Fallujah, and Fit For An Autopsy.

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